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My Story

Shonna started her undergraduate studies at Mercer University majoring in Biology and later received her B.Sc.   With a desire to specialize in holistic health, Shonna continued her education by attending the University of West Georgia under the supervision of Dr. Yoon Hang Kim and successfully completed her course study focused on the Integrative approach to health care; receiving her Masters and PhD in Integrative Health, in which the rights have been bestowed as Board Certified in Holistic Health and Natural Medicine. Focusing her attention to the Science behind Integrative Health, Shonna later attended the world renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition (The World’s largest Holistic Nutrition School) which placed emphasis on nurturing the holistic lifestyle. Continuing to build on her knowledge base, Shonna is currently enrolled in CIM (College of Integrative Medicine), IQUIM (University for Integrative Medicine) and is currently on track to receive her second Board Certification PhD, Doctorate as a Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, The Naturopathic Medical Association and a member of the International Association of Health Coaches, Shonna also has a certification in Personal Training and is a cancer, weight loss, and overall wellness specialist who has assisted numerous patients and clients in meeting their health, fitness, and wellness goals.

The Author of the four Volume Book series, “Your Journey to Wellness;” Shonna currently operates a private practice in Metro-Atlanta, is the Co-Director for The Holistic Health Coach Consulting Group, LLC (Health Coach U), and is a consultant for AlignLife Wellness Centers / Aceva Nutrition.

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